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About Us

The Heist vibes are officially available beyond the bull horns at 1802 Jefferson Place.  We're hyped to introduce the inaugural line of #HeistHappened apparel.  We've taken our love for sneaks and sweats and wrapped it into a collection geared towards the dopest of DC.  Pick up a variety of sweatshirts, joggers, hats and more, all inspired by the illest spot in the city.

Meet the Designer

This collection was designed and created by Alyson Katz.  After graduating from George Washington University in 2018, Alyson joined the Heist team as a marketing associate, specializing in the digital marketing, branding and social media management of Heist as well as the various ventures of Versus Equity.  Her creativity and passion for art and fashion ignited the sparks for the Heist apparel collection.

During initial meetings for the project, Alyson's sketchbook was opened, and the bones of the line became clear.  Her minimalistic drawings would serve as the basis for designs, with many pieces incorporating or inspired by her hand-drawn creations.